Essentials of AV Technology
Category : Education
Type : Online
Track : General Knowledge
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Get a comprehensive introduction to the human experience oflight and sound, and the science and technology of AV in order to create integrated experiences.
Who Should Take This Course:
Anyone who is new to the AV industry or needs a fundamentals refresher. You can also use this course as a review session for the AV Technologist Test.
Course Highlights:
  • Learn the fundamentals of light and sound inrelation to the industry
  • Explore how common devices in an AV system work
  • Learn how signals flow throughout a system andhow they can be manipulated
  • Gain insight into key factors at play in therelationship between
  • technology and the environment for which itis utilized

None. Consider Quick Start to the AV Industry Online for a more thorough introduction to industry roles and the most basic introduction to technology concepts.

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