Terminating Cable
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This online microcredential steps you through the four phases of terminating cable: gathering the appropriate tools and materials specific to a terminating task; preparing cables for termination; terminating cable; and, executing the necessary steps to finalize the terminating task. Discover how to terminate over 15 types of connector from four major groups of termination: screw-based, crimped, linear compression, and soldered. This microcredential covers connectors including, Euroblocks, F-Connectors, pin and sockets, DE9s (DB9s), BNCs, RCAs, punch-down blocks, 8P8Cs (RJ-45s), phone connectors, and XLRs.Not sure of the differences among 8P8C (RJ-45), RCA, BNC, and XLR connectors? No problem! InfoComm’s Cable Termination Microcredential is designed to introduce entry-level technicians to the world of cable identification, cable preparation, and cable termination. The Terminating Cable Microcredential is one of three AVIXA Microcredentials in a product suite developed for entry-level audiovisual technicians. Learn more.

Here’s What You’ll Need

··CCables: Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), coaxial, speakercable, and category cable
··    Wire strippers (variety)
·                  At least two different types of connector fromat least two of the following five categories: 
  •         Screw-based connectors including Euroblocks, andspeaker twist connectors 
  •       Crimped connectors including spade lugs, crimpedF-Connectors, single pin DE9s, pin and sockets, and crimped BNCs 
  •         Linear compression connectors including linearcompression BNCs, RCAs, and F-Connectors 
  •       Insulation displacement connectors including8P8Cs and punch-down blocks 
  •       Soldered connectors including soldered RCAs,phone connectors, DE9s, and XLRs 
  •        Requisite tools for terminating the chosen typeof connector
  •        Multimeter
  •        Cable labeler 

Students submit video clips to AVIXA instructors to verify the skills they learn. Upon completion, you will learn a digital badge.

Download the complete course outline.

This course was created for install technicians on the first 90 days of the job.
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