AVIXA V202.01:2016 Formerly ANSI/INFOCOMM V202.01:2016 Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems
Category : Products
Type : Standards
Track : Designer, Installer, Project Manager
Determine required display image size and relative viewing positions according to two defined viewing needs with this standard. AVIXA standards are free for members.

Title: Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems Document Number: AVIXAV202.01:2016 (Formerly ANSI/INFOCOMM V202.01:2016)
Type of Standard: Performance Status: Published
This Standard determines required display image size and relative viewing positions for two defined viewing needs: Basic Decision Making and Analytical Decision Making. The Standard can be used to design a new space or to assess/modify an existing space. It applies to both permanently installed systems and temporary systems. When planning a display, audiovisual designers often encounter limitations with dimensions and layout in relation to optimal displayed image size. This Standard provides formulas to design and display suitable content. The Standard provides a calculation/assessment tool for determining proper display image size based upon viewer needs as defined under two main categories.

Who should use this standard?

Anyone who needs to:
  • Plan and design new displayed image systems
  • Determine image size relative to the space and viewing requirements
  • Determine Closest and Farthest Viewer Positions
  • Determine horizontal angles of view
  • Provide metrics for content design

Use of this Standard is intended for display images in fixed and temporary installations.

Publication Date:
May 2016

Interested in the development of this standard? View development notes for DISCAS.

Analytical decision making; audiovisual; audiovisual standard; AV; AV system performance; basic decision making; contrast; contrast ratio; detail; digital signage; display; farthest viewer; front projection; image contrast; image size; AVIXA; information; informational display; inspection; presentation; projected image; projection screen; rear projection; system contrast ratio; videoconferencing; viewing angle; viewing distance; visual acuity

Task Group Members:
  • Greg Jeffreys, Visual Displays, Ltd. (Moderator)
  • Michael Bialas, CVE, ITIL, Anadarko Petroleum
  • Dick Tollberg, CTS-D, AVI-SPL
  • Michael Comiskey, CTS, AECOM
  • Steven Douglas, Central Washington University
  • Mitch Dudman, CTS, CBCI Telecom Canada Inc.
  • Michael Field, M Ed, CTS, ACE, Temple University
  • Steve Mills, CTS-D, CTSI
  • Peter Pekurar, CQE, CET, Christie Digital Systems

AVIXA's consensus standards development process is accredited by ANSI, a private, non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment systems. ANSI is the sole U.S. representative of the two major non-treaty international standards organizations, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and, via the U.S. National Committee (USNC), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Accreditation by ANSI signifies that the procedures used by AVIXA in connection with the development of American National Standards meet the Institute's essential requirements for openness, balance, consensus, right to appeal, and due process.
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