CTS Exam - North America/Central and South America
Category : Certifications
Track : General Knowledge
Give Your Career a Boost.

Certification shows your commitment to being the best, in the AV field and for your company. The continuing education that accompanies certification will help keep you up to date with advancing technologies. There is no better time to become a more knowledgeable AV professional. Give yourself the advantage CTS certification can provide.

A Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) performs general technology solution tasks by creating, operating and servicing AV solutions, while conducting AV management activities which provide for the best audiovisual resolutions of the client's needs, both on time and within budget.

Candidates who reside in an eligible developing country as outlined in the CTS handbook who want to take advantage of the developing country discount must submit a paper application to the AVIXA Certification office.

Please verify your AVIXA membership prior to purchase. All purchases are final. Refunds will not be awarded to candidates who fail to verify their membership status prior to purchase.

By purchasing the CTS Exam, you are registering yourself to take the exam. If any person other than you wishes to take the CTS Exam, that person must either login to their own AVIXA account and complete the CTS exam application process, or submit your application online to take the CTS Exam via fax, mail or email.

If you have questions, please email certification or contact your regional representative.

Certification is not a guarantee for performance by certified individuals. Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) holders at all levels of certification have demonstrated audiovisual knowledge and/or skills. Certified individuals adhere to the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct and maintain their status through continued education. Certification demonstrates commitment to professional growth in the audiovisual industry and is strongly supported by AVIXA.

All eligibility, application, score reports, special accommodation requests and general inquiries regarding AVIXA certification will be handled through the AVIXA Certification Office, with headquarters located in Fairfax, VA, U.S.A. Purchases of education, membership or any other AVIXA services are not required to seek certification.

AVIXA International, Attn. Certification Office

11242 Waples Mill Rd., Suite 200, Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: 1.800.659.7469 or 1.703.273.7200

Fax: 1.703.691.2756



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