Quiz: Rack Building for Audiovisual Systems
Category : Education
Type : Online
Track : Designer,General Knowledge,Installer
Successful completion gives you 2 RUs
You can take this quiz online, without going to a testing center.
Reading the Standard and taking the quiz takes approximately two hours to complete.

Before taking the quiz, this standard should give you an understanding the fundamental elements of building a reliable AV equipment rack regardless of location, including: 
• Assembly of AV equipment racks, associated options, and accessories in single and multirack installations.
• Mounting and affixing of rack mount and non-rack mount AV equipment within the rack.
• Cable management including planning, lacing, location, and separation of signal and power cables for cable management entering and within racks.
• Final cleaning, labeling, and finishing of the AV rack build.

Refer to AVIXA F502.01:2018
Who should take this quiz?
• Designers
• Installers
• Integrators
• Owners
• Third-party commissioning agents
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