AV Math Online
Category : Education
Type : Online
Track : Designer,Installer,Project Manager
Conquer your math fears by mastering common AV calculations with this online course. Increase your confidence through practical examples and practice problems. Walk away with the important skills you can apply immediately to your work.
"Sometimes just reading about AV math doesn’t make total sense, but AVIXA's AV Math makes it easy to understand. I liked the whole package from the PowerPoint®, the use of the document camera to help further understand the math and the way the instructor explained each topic.”
— Rob Childers, AV Design Engineer, CIM Technology Solutions
Learn at your own pace in this online course, and watch helpful tutorial videos along the way.
You'll have the opportunity to:
  • Develop mathematical proficiency using calculations common to AV system implementation
  • Practice scale drawing conversions
  • Explore viewing parameters like aspect ratio, image height, and projector throw distance
  • Review Ohm’s law and inverse square law
  • Learn about loudspeaker impedance and decibels
  • Estimate head load calculations, and more

Students are strongly encouraged to complete Essentials of AV Technology Online.

Who Should Take This Course:
Anyone who reads, works with or creates AV designs, including:
  • Any and all AV professionals who want a math refresher course Individuals preparing for the general CTS® exam
  • CTS holders who need continuing education renewal units (RUs)
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